Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well on March 20... people broke into our home and a thievin' they would go. Even though it takes a bit to settle the skittishness... we have found so many blessings on all the things that didn't happen, all the things not taken.

Fortunately, no one was home at the time, no one was hurt. But knowing someone was in your home... well, it takes something from you that money or insurance companies can't replace.

I know the Good Lord always has a reason, and sometimes we simply aren't privy to it. But we're hoping that the shopping spree they had with our checkbook, will help get them caught. Another blessing... I was able to make it to the bank in time to shut the door on them. Sadly, the stores they shopped at are now responsible for thousands, because they simply didn't do their job.

Needless to say, without boring ya to tears... crafting and creating has been at the bottom of my list. I am trying, little by little to meet upcoming deadlines... faceless dolls are waiting for me to give them an expression. I'm thinking they might not like what they get right now, so they wait patiently! LOL -- hmmm, this could be called my Dark Period, eh... rabid rabbits anyone! hehehe

So take precautions my friends, people aren't always nice and don't always do the right thing. But I fully believe the economy doesn't create these type of people, they have it in 'em already. I know too many out of work and struggling, and this type of 'activity', never enters their heads.

The Lord is good and in Him I find my peace!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just listed two new goodies on Lemon Poppy Seeds!
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fried Chicken!

When I was growing up, it seemed Sundays were fried chicken day! Now, I make it a bit different than my ma, DEEP FRIED! Oh yeah! I fried chicken for over 2 hours this morning and filled three huge bowls. This is all that's left after everyone dug in! LOL -- Well I think there will still be plenty for tomorrow after church though. ;o)

I know everyone has their special way of cooking chicken, but here's mine....
The secret is Deep Fried and an Iron Skillet. I have a deep iron skillet and I fill it about and inch or so from the top with cooking oil. Get it nice 'n hot now!

Mix up a couple eggs and some milk in one bowl.... in another bowl I toss in flour, some bread crumbs, and lots of spices like garlic, onion, salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash if I have it around.... etc. I don't measure too many things, so like I said, toss it in! LOL

Dip your chicken in the egg/milk mixture, then in the flour -- now dip back in the egg/milk and flour again. Yep, double dippin'! Carefully put chicken in the hot oil, it'll sink to the bottom. As it cooks and gets done, it starts floating a bit. With the deep oil, you don't always have to turn it, but yes, occasionally you do.

When it's done to perfection, I dip out the pieces with a slotted spoon and let that grease drain off. Gather up all those yummy crunchy bits still floating around too! Repeat with more chicken! Enjoy!

Feel free to let me know your special way to fry chicken in my comments!