Friday, August 31, 2018

September Early works

The evening of August 31, new Fall ~ Halloween
  prims will be in my Early Works Shoppe.

Have a blessed weekend!


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Making Salsa

I used to grow acres of gardens, but as I've gotten older....and all those mouths to feed are off feeding their own families.... I've really cut back.  The other day, however, one of my son's asked if I was going to make my salsa this year. (It's been a couple years).  I told him I'd thought about it, but the weather has been bad for gardening and I hadn't found any lately.  (After so many years of big gardens, it feels alien to actually buy produce) haha --  He says, "well, I've been chosen family spokesperson, and if we all don't get salsa we will not be happy."  ;o)

So after searching far and wide, we finally found a bunch of tomatoes close to us. Jeez.  We got 60 lbs. and made new friends.  To put in perspective, 53 lbs is a bushel.  

Yesterday was the first time my husband helped me with my canning. I had him on the hot water dunk to loosen the skins and we worked together well. 

We put up 24 pints and 2 quarts. The quarts were the extra when I was tired of the hot water bath, and will be eaten now. Of course, the son that delivered the message, stopped by today and.... first come first served.... was sent home with some salsa. 

At 8:30 pm last night, when the last batch was done, my husband actually asked me if I wanted to get more and put up more salsa.  I'm like... gimme a few days to rest up buddy!
He never knew how much work it was to do this. 

*~* Happy Summer Friends *~*