Monday, April 30, 2018

Early Works and SPRING!

Spring is FINALLY here!
 I think we had an extra 3 winters in April, but that is gone now and the Spring flowers are blooming!

I've got some new wool pieces in my Early Works shoppe going live the evening of April 30!

Hope you can take a moment to stop by!


Also, after many years of using the mailing list Bravenet, I'm dropping it for sending monthly newsletters via email.
 I'm not sure what happened with Bravenet.... the newsletters were bouncing back. I contacted them and I'm just not geek enough to understand it I guess. ;o)

So, If you've signed up with Bravenet in the past, (thank you, by the way), you'll continue to get a monthly letter or you can sign up to Follow By Email on this blog or my website.  

Thank You!

 Have a blessed May!