Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Harvest Season

It's been a busy summer... chasing grandkids (my favorite hobby now)... trying to get veggies to grow in this wetter summer weather.  Seems like no one's tomatoes are doing that great this year... sniffle sniffle... but I still have plenty of canned salsa from last year's bumper crop (yes, even in a drought!).

Last year we got the biggest apple harvest ever and this year... well the raccoons hit all my trees and carried all the GREEN apples off! Seriously! What's up with that. So fortunately, I still have plenty of applesauce from last year's canning.

On to the grapes... the last few years, the deer, wasps, birds, bees, bugs and critters of various crawling and flying stages... cleaned me out before they were fully ripe. This year, I'm seeing the deer hit the vines in the early morning again. Their own personal buffet, thank you very much! So I got out there yesterday and picked quite a few and ended up getting 6, one gallon ziplocs full that I'll put in the freezer until I have more time to make jelly! Yeah! Hopefully the local wild life will leave me some to pick in the days ahead, since they aren't all ripe yet!

We're also finishing up months long kitchen remodel... the tile in the background got put on last Saturday and the guy is coming back tonight to grout it! We're almost done! It's been a long few months doing what we can as we can... but it's beautiful. I'll have to share before and after pics soon!

Oh and back on the grand kiddos... my 4 year old grand son started pre-school... 5 year old grand daughter in Kindergarten.... 9 year old grand daughter in 3rd grade  and 11 month old grandson took off walking!  Wow!

Okay, off to start my day.. have a blessed day my friends!