Monday, March 24, 2014

Foodie Pic

Ya know how some people will put pics of their food on Facebook, etc.... well I thought I'd finally add my first one. My 6 year old grand daughter made me the most delicious meal the other day. She assured me it had all the food groups that she learned in school! I had her pie and coffee for dessert, but failed to snag a pic of it since I scarfed it down so fast! ;o)

Have a blessed day my friends!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just Messin' Around ~ And A Question ***

Afternoon all! 
  I love trying to keep flowers around the house, especially in winter - (bah humbug come on Spring) ~ Well, I had a few minutes to primitize an old large canning jar and here's the result.

  I just sewed and old button on the burlap fabric and then sewed some velcro on the back of it to hold it around the jar.
 Easy on! Easy off!

** ~ **

Now for a question....
I found this while haunting an antique mall and loved it.  
But I don't know what kind of "clock" this is...
if you notice, the Number 1 is on the right of the 12.
And the back has a lever you pull down and when I twist the dial on the back it will eventually have an alarm go off  and the handle raises.
what is this?

I'm getting antsy to start my gardens!
Keep the faith folks, Spring is really really gonna be here some day!!  ;o)