Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pattern Winners!

Two lucky winners are now the owners of four Barefoot patterns each!


The first is Juanita! Congratulations! She has already picked her 4 patterns and they've been sent. Blessings and have fun! You can view her wonderful blog here:

And I think my email to Lea was floating in her spam - but we finally connected and she chose her 4 patterns! Hop over to her fantastic blog and see her do a cartwheel!


Lea said...

Debbie, I'm LOVIN my new patterns!
Got them all printed out last night. Your instructions are so well done! Yours are thee only ones I've ever had that actually showed how to needle sculpt a nose the right way! The bridge of the noses have always been easy but the "smeller" part at the bottom has not been a piece of cake and I usually struggle abit with it. I'm anxious to try it your way!!!

I'm so delighted to have won your patterns! Thank you for your generosity. I pray the Lord blesses you back 7 fold!!

Still doin cartwheels today!

Barefoot Primitives said...

Oh sweetie you are so welcome and glad you're enjoying the patterns! And feel free to holler if you have any questions at all!