Thursday, July 1, 2010

A new project.....

Nope, not a doll or critter this time folks... but a swing top! Our old one was tattered and plum done in, so I thought I'd save some money and attempt to make a new one. It took me longer by my procrastination and intimidation of this big project more than anything, but well, not half bad if I do say so myself. This one is made of canvas and after putting it on (and half way being shocked that it fit), it was sprayed with waterproofing and walla!

Now my husband seems to think I can reupholster our '55 Chevy ~~ NOT! ~~


Aunt 'Reen said...

Debbie - I LOVE how this swing top turned out! It's a lot more detailed than I had envisioned it!
It looks wonderful!


Barefoot Primitives said...

Oh thanks and with this stooopid tendinitis I'm battling... it was even more of a chore! LOL But I do like how it turned out! Thanks!