Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It's almost here! 
** H a l l o w e e n **

I'm sure some of you reminisce to your own Halloween's past at this time of year.... where you could trick or treat half the night and never worry about anything bad happening.
 We'd get a brown paper grocery bag... get it full, drop it at home, grab another and get busy again! We always had some sweet neighbors that would have fresh home baked treats for us! At that time, I never realized that my dad would dig through my loot and pick out some prime pieces for himself before I got back! And I was so excited by the night's activities, I would never know what I got until it was all over anyway!

It's funny how that tradition carried on with my own kids... the part about digging through their goodies. ;0)   However, when they were little, it was just starting to, or we were just getting aware of, some people that weren't very nice.  So we created an alternative for our kiddos....

Since houses are farther apart around here, we'd hitch up the trailer to a tractor or Jeep. It would be decorated with hay bales, blankets (I mean seriously, you can't spend all that time on a costume and show up at a door in a parka just because it might be cold!),  and plenty of hot chocolate in thermos' would be on hand. We'd load it with our midgets and some neighbor kids and drive all over the place, mom's or dad's taking turns hopping off the trailer to stand guard over all the little goblins, witches, fairies, angels and super heroes.

Now a days we go to our church for Trunk or Treat!
We load up the '55 Chevy with candy and join in with a bunch of other cars in the parking lot.
Last year there was over 300 kids from what I heard!

So no matter what your Halloween plans are... be safe and have fun!

Trick or Treat!


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

It's amazing how things change over the years. When I was little we didn't have trick or treating in the small town we lived in ~ they had a parade and a costume judging contest ~ top prize was a $1.00.
Happy Halloween!

Danice said...

What great memories, past and present. Wishing you a happy Halloween. 'Love that '55 Chevy! Is it dark green?

Barefoot Primitives said...

Halloween parade sounds fun too Robin!

Yes, Danice, dark green and cream. Hopefully she'll get a paint job this winter. :o)

BumbleBeeLane said...

Wonderful memories! When life was still full of wonder. Happy Halloween! Amy