Thursday, June 30, 2016

Im A Mess.... and Early Works

and a klutz....

I've been having shoulder pain lately and it's looking like rotator cuff. Bleck. Should hear confirmation in a day or two.  Now, I've been dealing with this for almost a month, yeah, docs don't move too fast... and I haven't been either.  

 Which is why I was so surprised when on Father's Day I managed to slam my right index finger in my truck door. The angle was such, and because of limited movement/strength and pain in left arm, I was unable to open the door and free myself. I'm like....are you kidding me!  
Okay I probably thought that later, right then it was blinding pain and I don't care how old you are...I wanted my mama! LOL

I managed to get one half-hearted yell out before I doubled over from pain. I don't recall experiencing debilitating pain like that... or at least maybe it's been so long I've forgotten. One of my son's made it over to me and released me. Well that finger immediately wasn't pretty, swelling, black, split, etc. 

Anyway, I figured it was just mashed and didn't go to a doctor.  I mean really, if I ran to a doc every time I hurt myself I'd be paying rent there. ;0)    So I finally get an appointment with an Ortho doc about shoulder last Friday. The male nurse sees my wrapped finger and says, "What did you do there?"

I tell him.  He says, "Please let me look at it."  He does, and goes, "Your getting an xray right now!"

Short story....

Snapped that little puppy right off!  He says, "You're gonna feel that when the weather changes!"  Gee thanks.  But really he was very good and lightened me up. And, I learned something new, when you have a break like this, compound fracture, the risk for infection is higher so I had to get on some antibiotics splint to keep it immobile.  

So that's my explanation why I am offering some different goodies tonight in my Early Works shop.  (And if I mis spelled anything, I'm hunting 'n pecking on keyboard).  This too shall pass. 

I can do all Things through Christ who gives me strength.
  Philippians 4:13

~~Blessings my friends ~~

Update: just heard from doc... shoulder has a Labral tear which means no surgery at this point, however, 8 weeks of PT in my very near future. Thank you Lord!

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