Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rainy Day Turkey Dinner!

Usually, in the summertime, we have the kids 'n grand kiddos over for a full out turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Oh yeah... even punkin' pie baby! It's nice to enjoy those wonderful tastes of Fall when it's blistering hot outside! Well this summer took a few twists and turns and it didn't happen...yet...until tonight! I have the best smelling house right now... Ode to Turkey... is wafting throughout!  
So to celebrate the last day of August (which happens to be raining like crazy), we'll be chowing down on a few of our favorite things!
I'll probably be in a turkey coma later, but don't forget that some new Early Works creations will go live later tonight!
 Happy early Fall Blessings my friends!

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