Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We've been having a midwest heat wave that seems worse than I can recall from past summers.  It could be me getting older -- but -- nah!   ;o)   The older I get the more I'm so thankful for working air conditioning! 

I can remember when our kids were little, no air!  I wonder how we made it sometimes, even though I of course, grew up without this modern convenience. Maybe because we were young, maybe because you do what you have to do to get by.  Lots of sprinklers for the kids to run through and little wading pools to splash in... even tried one of those slip 'n slides one year - boy did my husband complain about the dead grass strip on that one!

There's no end in sight for this brutal heat wave until at least next Friday!  So if you're dealing with this ugly beast... keep cool anyway you can and I'll be saying some prayers for ya.

So... there's this park near us and my daughter tells me they put in a Free little water park! We took my (recently 2 year old) grandson there the other day and oh boy - what a blast! Even gramma got wet! There is simply nothing sweeter in this world than the sound of your kids or grandkids laughter!  It makes your heart lighter and you can't help but have a big 'ol goofy grin on your face!

My creations are down to a mild roar this summer and that's ok. Between some health issues I'm dealing with and just enjoying my family....  it's been refreshing and relaxing. Everyone needs to recharge those batteries!
So how are you keeping cool this year? 
Be safe and keep cool my friends!

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Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Cute pics of the kids! They all look like their having a lot of fun. The heat wave is to hit us tomorrow and last through the week.
Stay cool!
Prim Blessings