Saturday, July 9, 2011

Patriots in the family

We all have them ... ancestors that in some way... fought in, helped or served in some kind of war/conflict or another... whether on the battlefield, your neighborhood or keeping the home fires burning. Most of the causes of war seemed to be freedom in some form or another. Our history is supposed to teach us the future, but sadly, I wonder how much we really learn and retain from the past.

With the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War this last April, it got me to thinking of some of my ancestors.  I did extensive genealogy years ago and uncovered some amazing things.  Even though I've had ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, the Civil War, etc.... it was one ancestor in particular.... a certain thing that happened in 1863, that has had me thinking just how one instance can happen and poof.... the line ends right then and there... and I'd never be here writing this.

You see, during July of 1863, our country was still in the midst of the horrendous "Civil" War.  One branch of my family was located in Kansas when William T. "Bloody" Bill Anderson and some 25 bushwackers of Quantrill's Raiders, came through here. One of the farms that Anderson ended up at was my ancestor's, Stephen Payne. (Stephen already had his two oldest sons enlisted in the Kansas Infantry and one in the Calvary).

His wife hid all the children under the floor and Stephen was shot and killed right on his property. He was 46.  At the time, my great great grandpa, Alfred, was just under a year old.  It was just one terrible event that was to change their lives forever and shake the community to its core.

It's amazing to read the story of that fateful day. Anderson and his guerrillas riding across the country side, killing, plundering, burning homes. And after the dead were laid to rest, how the community came together and one by one, rebuilt their neighbors homes, as they tried to rebuild their lives with such great losses.

There's so much more to the story, and I'm sure ya'll don't have time for everything... ;o) ....  however, I was just thinking of this period in time as I was making my blackberry jam this morning and felt the need to write it down.  Even though several lost their lives, they never found my great-great-grampa or any of the other children.... and because of that... I'm here! When you think how fragile life can be, it sure makes ya want to make every minute count. 

~ Thanks for joining me for a few moments back in time
and have a blessed day my friends ~


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