Saturday, September 24, 2011

Early Works and Website Sale!

 Well I can't put it off any longer - it's time I take care of me. At the end of September I have to have hand surgery - carpal tunnel and tendinitis. There's also arthritis, but that's not happening now or maybe ever the way the doc described it! Yuk! So this is also why I haven't been creating as much as I used to. This will be my first surgery so I'm a little nervous, but this is supposed to fix me up and get rid of this horrendous pain, so I'm just doing a lot of praying on this one to get through it.

In the meantime, I'm  getting a couple of things ready for my Early Works Shoppe updates for October 1st.... they'll be some extreme prim since it's a bit difficult right now doing eyes very well!! LOL  There's a Santa and a Punkin' Dude! Santa has had his photo shoot and Punkin' Dude will be this weekend... I'm still trying to figure out what else he might need or just leave him be!


For a sneaky peeky... here's an extreme prim Santa that will be on EW:

Santa~Sheep~Blocks~Bottle Brush
Santa is about 11"h - Sheep about 4"hx5" - Wood Blocks spell Santa 1/2" high - plus tiny 1 1/2" bottle brush tree and grapevine staff!
$29.99 + priority shipping
Feel free to email me if you'd like to purchase now!


** SALE ** SALE ** SALE **
I'm having a Fall sale!

50% off Your Entire Purchase before shipping!
This includes everything on my website including patterns and sale items!
Sale ends at midnight Oct. 26!
When you check out, put this code in, EXACTLY as shown:


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Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Good Luck with the surgery, I hope all goes well and that once your all well the pain is gone.