Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall and Car Shows

We aren't one's to take big 'ol vacations to exotic destinations or visit other countries. (and I'm not knocking those that do... our country and world is filled with so many beautiful places to see!)  However, we do cruise, only on 4 wheels!  This is our baby, a 1955 Chevy. We found each other about 2 years ago. She is a loving work in progress and every year she gets a little more done to her.  That's part of the beauty of it. They say the fun is in the chase... or in doing a little as you can to make her yours!

Last year my husband concentrated on the safety issues of new brakes, motor, etc... all the stuff you can't see, but is oh so important!

This year our girl got wide whites and the front and back seats recovered.  The covering on the seats prior... oh boy... if you know the name Herb Tarlick from WKRP in Cincinnati show years ago and how he dressed... you'll have an idea of what embarrassing fabric was on this poor girl!!  She is much happier now with her new look and  non-cloth seats  - you can see her smile!  The wide whites was my husband's big thing and the seats were mine!  As we can, we'll get the side panels and other interior pieces redone as well.  And someday down the road she'll get a paint job... but we love the look of her now.

I don't know what it is about her.... but we can come home from a hard day.... hop in our gal and it's like the worries and troubles of life just melt away and disappear with every mile. We don't usually have a particular destination in mind... sometimes it's just right... or left.... but I wouldn't trade this feeling for the world.  With winter coming... she'll get tucked in, but you can be sure we'll be cruising if there happens to be a nice day!

As I mentioned -- Car Shows!  Most of these old cars do not have air conditioning.... so the majority of car shows are Spring and Fall.  What are they you ask? Basically a destination where people from all over the state or country (depending on which event it is)... cruise to parking lots, parks, even the local racetrack. We cruise there with family and friends in their old cars, we park, we set up the pop ups (cause these are held rain or shine), we look at all the old cars (most places are 1972 and older), we get ideas, we eat, we generally have a great time. Last Christmas I got a shirt for my husband that reads: Will Talk Cars With Anyone -- oh boy is this true!

Last weekend we went to the 'Ol Marais River Run in Ottawa, KS. We had some rain and some dry but it was still an amazing weekend! All these pics were taken there.

Here's the set up for the rain part! This is a view from the back of our little gathering.

One thing that is so awesome about this annual event.... is cruise night. They shut down Main Street and all the cars that want to, cruise up and down the street strutin' their stuff!  It's like a 21st century American Graffiti! Many of the store fronts along this route look like they haven't been changed since the 50's or so! It's awesome! We cruise once then park on the street and watch all the cars til dark.

This year was the 25th anniversary of this event and they did an awesome fireworks display!
The people that spend all year organizing this event (The Over The Road Gang) and then running it are just the bestest ever! Everyone is so friendly and accommodating and it's all about the cars and the fun.
The grounds are filled with spectators, food booths, games, car booths (yes you can save some shipping and get yer parts here folks!), and loads of prizes!
These are the fantastic memories we're creating for our family!
Thanks for spending a couple minutes with me as I share

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Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

What a great way to spend a holiday, taking a trip down memory lane to the 50's & 60's!

Your old girl looks very very well indeed, I would say that there has been much tender loving care gone into restoring her to her former glory!

Have a great week!