Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mama's Day!

Another beautiful May day! Thought I'd take a little break from gardening so I can add a Happy Mama's Day to ya'll!  Whether you're the giver or receiver... there seems to be "at least" one special Mother's Day that stands out in your mind.

Yep, I've had years of the most beautiful hand made crayon art work,  macaroni pictures and hand made cards from my kiddos when they were little...just to name a few.... but if someone asked me which Mother's Day popped in my mind first.  Here 'tis...

My daughter... she had to be 16 or 17 or so, I just remember she was of driving age... had snuck out of the house the night before.  Now it's not what you may think, so hold on! ;o)   We probably had the attic fan on, so I never heard her leave the house all mousey quiet. (ok in hind sight, that's not a comforting feeling!)

I'm always the first one up and it was such a beautiful Sunday morning, I was planning on taking my coffee out on the deck like I usually did.  By the coffee pot was a note from my daughter that she was sending me on a scavenger hunt! So I followed each carefully hand written note from one destination to the next, little pictures were drawn in the margins as well. She sent me through my gardens, to my favorite bench I'd like to sit on, etc.... a nice little stroll.

I had an old mailbox in one of my gardens and I noticed the flag was up. This was my destination! I carefully pulled the door down and inside sat a little box. Anticipation had been building on my journey and I couldn't wait to see what was inside.  My daughter had bought me the most beautiful cross necklace with little diamonds on was breath taking! 

Of course, one of my first little thoughts was... she spent way too much on me!  Then I removed it from the box and noticed a little piece of paper sticking out from underneath... the final note... telling me in words and thoughts that were so "adult"... of how much I meant to her, etc etc.  Oh gosh how I love that girl.

When our house was broken into and burglarized 3 years ago... this was the only piece of jewelry they didn't find... it was hiding in plain sight and I thank the Good Lord the thief's never saw this one. It would have hurt worse than everything else combined that they took from us!

Anyway.... I'd love to hear if you have a special Mother's Day memory... share with us if you have the time!

Blessings my friends and have a wonderful day!


BumbleBeeLane said...

Wonderful memory! So glad that the theives didn't get it.Happy Mother's Day!~Amy

Allison said...

Sweet story Debbie. I'd have to think about one to share.