Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gramma Memories

She was born in 1904.
She's the child with the huge grin and long braid.
She's in the next to last row, third from right.
She was my gramma.

She's been gone 11 years today, she was 98...but it feel like just yesterday when I'd  call her up to yak or ask a question. She taught me so much... how to grow and can produce...all the little shortcuts and such that takes a lifetime to learn. All the home remedies from treating  sunburn and bug bites, to keeping those pests off your veggies 'n flowers! She taught me a lot about cooking and baking. To this day I'll look at recipes and try to find the words:  

"A little of this, a touch of that, oh a heaping tablespoon and a little more...etc" 

She was a young married woman through the depression and learned how to "make do" and make "somethin' outta nuthin' ".  This she also passed on to me. My children never went hungry through our lean times either! The only way to explain it is by the grace of God and remembering what gramma said.
Her sewing info was and still is invaluable.
Patience was taught in all her lessons.
I wonder if she even knew she was teaching because I sure didn't realize I was learning until much later! 

There can be so much more I can say, but the main thing is...

Gramma I miss you and love you and will see you again someday!

Enjoy your pre-4th of July day my friends!


Allison said...

What a sweet memory, sounds like a wonderful lady.

Have a wonderful 4th!

Jaja said...

Beautiful in many ways!

Danice said...

What great old photos. Happy 4th to you too Debbie :)

Barefoot Primitives said...

Thanks and happy 4th to you all!!