Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vacation Bible School

Our church just finished up 3 days of VBS this last week and it was awesome!

It was the first VBS for our church too and so it was quite the learning experience. 
How many kiddos will show?
Can we get enough volunteers to help?
Will we have enough stuff? etc...

With a lot of prayer and stepping out in faith... we all pulled it off and it was a great success!

We've only been going to this church for maybe 4 years and there's never been a VBS. I've helped with them before at our previous church... but was a tad reluctant to mention VBS because, well, someone always says... "Great idea! YOU run it!"  YIKES!

When there was an all-call for this a few months ago... I felt God tugging me to jump in. I volunteered right off the bat.  Before our first meeting I kept praying God would put me where HE wanted me to serve. I wasn't sure about the teaching but was thinking about the snack part. :o) 
Low and behold.. guess where I ended up -  
organizing the CRAFTS!  hahaha

Another prim crafter,...

  Allison of Sew Many Girls

 also goes to this church and we ended up doing crafts together, along with the help of several other wonderful ladies! We ended up needing every single one of these awesome gals! We had quite a few kiddos and more every night!

We had a great time and I loved all the songs, games, etc.,  and you could feel and  see God working in these little one's and in the adults! 

The theme was the SonSurf Beach Bash. One short video showed a young guy talking...Dr. Cool. Have you ever watched Finding Nemo? This guy talked exactly like the big 'ol turtles! hawhawhaw.  Kids caught on to that too and loved it!

  It was a lot of work and planning, but I know I'll volunteer next year! 
Again, thanks for all the gals that helped and it was awe inspiring to see God working!
I'd highly suggest sending your kids or even helping with a VBS! 
It's not just for the little one's... YOU benefit too!

Have a blessed day my friends!

Surf's Up!

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BumbleBeeLane said...

The twins always love going each year and even though it's alot of fun what the learn surprises me.Great you helped out and how fun Allison was there with you.Warm Blessings!~Amy