Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gripper -----

Since I decided to get back into punch needle....
I went full out and purchased a gripper frame.
Long over due!
This will be so much easier than the hoops!
I whipped up some quick covers from wool pieces that I had around here, and put them over those sharpies!
I plan on doing a little stitching on them and trimming soon to make them look better.

This is a 10x10 Round About, so it'll give me all kinds of ways to manipulate.
Hoping this works out... I'm excited to use it!

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Farmhouse prims said...

Hi, I am have started needle punch too, and I am enjoying it, I still get frustrated if the pattern is too difficult. I would love to get a gripper frame, I hear they are much better than a hoop, what do you think? I am just afraid to put the money into one at this time. Good luck on your needle punch, you will do fine. Hugs, Lecia