Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hoosier cabinet!

My new favorite piece!

I've wanted a Hooiser cabinet for years. Mostly they are either falling apart or way out of my budget....or the all time favorite... now just where in the world will we put it!

We found this in an antique mall after Christmas.... I adored it, showed my husband some features, and walked on. This time I guess my husband really noticed or something. He thought the price wasn't bad once one of my daughter-in-laws told him it was very good price. ~ Thank you Ashley! ;o)

Fast forward to yesterday... we made plans to go back out there and see if it was still there. It was... he made a lower counter offer....the gal took it and the rest is history!

I'm not sure if it's a Hoosier or another name brand. I've found out there were other brands made out there. (It's kinda like cars... they're all cars but there's Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc).
There is the number 44 , stamped into the wood on the top too.

We have a temp set up I just took a couple of quick picks. Excuse any mess please ;o)

Preliminary decorating...

Just had to share!
Have a blessed day my friends!


Blessings in the Country said...

That is really cool! It looks in pretty good shape. I want one! :)

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

I'm so happy for you , it's nice when you find something you have wanted for so long. Two of my aunts who lived on farms when I was little had them. It was her kitchen cupboard. We rolled tart forms on the tin counter and made cinnamon rolls there too. They were the best of bakers & cooks. Oh, how I loved going there.
I lived in town , where my Mom had a modern small kitchen. I'd love to find one of your finds too. I asked my aunts what ever became of them and they weren't sure. Back then people didn't " value" them like we do now..But I did. I should have said so. I know my aunts would have kept then for me. Yours is gorgeous and looks to be in perfect shape. What will you use it for?
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs Marg.

Maureen said...

That's a beauty Deb and I can't think of a nicer home for it to come to live in.Enjoy! (I'm looking forward to getting a DIL of my own....they understand things like this!lol) Mo

Barefoot Primitives said...

Yeah it is in pretty darn good shape. Guess it was the right one and the right time.

The porcelain/tin top will roll out and I might even roll me out some pie crusts on there!

On Sundays we have the family here for lunch after church and I used it to put the desserts on! It was wonderful.

Yes daughters and DIL's are sure special!! ;o)

BumbleBeeLane said...

A real beauty! I love the bread board in it. I sold mine over the summer ( way to cheap) to make room for a possum belly bakers cupboard. Warm Blessings! Amy

Allison said...

I love your Hooiser! My SIL gave me her old one years ago, it was painted white and I removed the paint. I still have the top part of it but we lost the bottom when we had a fire 10 years ago.

Danice said...

Really great find. 'Never knew what these cabinets are called. That will look so prim in a kitchen or really anywhere :)

Farmhouse prims said...

I love your hoosier, it is beautiful! Lecia

Kendra said...

I have the exact same one and I believe the dealer said it was a Sellers (sp?). If you can tell what the shape of the tag was (upper front, center above the doors) you should be able to narrow it down if you really want to know - I enjoy knowing :). We've had ours for 15 years, we used it as an eating counter when my 16yo was little. Love the storage and thinking about the families that used it purposefully when it was made :)

Thanks for sharing. Just discovered your blog and love it!