Monday, June 15, 2015

Critters Everywhere!

Okay, I'm really not too squeamish about bugs.
(snakes might be a whole different matter though, shudder)
I mean, I used to pick ticks off my kids when they were little....
take care of squash bugs single handedly in my garden.... 
kill spiders... no problem... 
But since the hatching of the zillions of cicadas or locuts, whatever you wanna call 'em... Oh My Gosh! The noise is deafening. They land on you. And then make that awful screech when ya send 'em flying. They're everywhere!
I know they don't bite or sting. I get that. 
But it's like being in a sci-fi movie when you're outside.

I know, I know... this too shall pass.
Please let it be soon!

As for the garden,
Here's my baby grapes

The peas are now done and gone and 
punkin's planted where they were

Love my cutie 'ol wagon I came across!

Here's some green beans, they're so yummy.
Broccoli and eggplant further down.
Yellow squash and zucchini to the right

Mini Eggplant


Have a great day my friends!


Earlene L. said...

Very nice garden!!!! Even with a fence deer here still get in so I gave up.
We went south on a motorcycle several years ago and those bugs were everywhere and what a hazard on a bike, we headed back to the north.
Have a wonderful summer!

Danice said...

Very nice garden you have. We also have those giant locusts here in Alabama. It is an old, maybe Southern saying, that when you hear locusts chirping at night that rain is soon to come. Have you ever heard that saying?

Barefoot Primitives said...

Haven't heard that Danice.... with the racket they're continuously making it's a wonder we aren't flooding! LOL