Saturday, June 20, 2015


I have wanted to quilt for years... I've read books and such... but until a friend of mine recently invited me to her church once a week to join their quilting group... I didn't whole-heartedly purse it. 
It's a bit different when you've got 'professionals' who know some tricks 'n tips 'n shortcuts. 
They... now WE... make and donate baby quilts for a couple organizations around here.
Here's my first official quilt!  They have a big 'ol honkin' quilting machine and I had to quilt it myself. The "pattern" is just free hand. My friend says that's usually pretty good to start with. I was pretty nervous, but I sure enjoyed it. 

I guess I had BLUE in mind since my recent grandbaby is a little boy. Two month old now, by the way. ;o)
This is called a 9 patch.

It might be hard to tell but the flannel backing is white with teensy blue stars

 Have a blessed day my friends
Summer is firing up around here! 
Triple digit heat index today!

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Danice said...

Looks beautiful, Debbie. I have been quilting only about a year myself. Wish there were a local quilting group in my town :)