Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Light - Day 14

When life circumstances look darker, sources of light look even brighter.  No matter what, God wants to be a constant source of light and hope in our lives. 

One of the enemy's greatest tactics is to keep people so busy doing so many things that there isn't time 
for the most important thing of all -- JESUS.  We need to make time, to spend time daily with Him and in His Word... make it a priority in our lives and everything else falls into place.  I find that when I read what He has written for me, my day goes better, my attitude is in the right place, I'm filled with His Spirit! I'm not saying everything is always roses... there will be trials on this earth... but this place is not my HOME!  Amen!

Try to simplify your life a bit to make room for Him. And as always, if you're not sure how.... 
He loves it when you call upon His name and longs to have a relationship with you!
  Simplify your life today so you can receive the light and understanding He desires to give to you.

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Jackie said...

The bible guides all aspects of my life and thoughts.
We as a nation are in turmoil today, but if we spend time in the word, HE will help us to get through each day, living it to it's fullest.