Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Light - Day 20

Light:  A safe place where I can own and reveal my brokenness. 
~ R.E.

The holidays aren't always the best time of year for some people.
  It's a season of physical, emotional, and spiritual darkness.  
Depression and suicide are at a higher rate
during this time as well. 

I've known a couple of people who have taken their own lives... one recently, a friend of our son's. He was just a kid, 23, and we hadn't seen him around for awhile as his life was consumed with alcohol, drugs, and hanging with the wrong people. I am filled with grief over this as I remember when he and his brother would hang out with our boys, ride bikes, hike through the woods, and gosh were these guys always hungry! There was always some kind of snack or fresh baked treat for all these guys. He was baptized right along side our boys a few years ago too....so how does one go from the top - with God - to where this child ended up?

I ask myself... what in the world can be so bad for you to take your own life!  I mean, there's no going back from this! We've all been in dark places at one time or another in our lives. I know I've hit rock bottom years ago and honestly, wondered why I was even here, what was the point. I didn't have the Lord in my life at that time. Maybe that's why I like the movie classic, It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. We never know how we affect others as we go through life, but we are not here by accident!
God Loves! 
God Saves! 
God is reaching out His mighty hand for you!

Job cursed the day he was born wishing God wouldn't have brought light to his life. (read Job 3).
There's hope for a time as this; it's the Light that illuminates a life of pain, despair, worthlessness, and grief. 

If this is your truth, then pray this prayer:

Abba Father, I give you this season in my life.  I trust you with each and every minute though I don't feel like it nor know how.  Your Word says joy comes in the morning; that is when the brightest light appears.  Just like you did for Job, show me the wonder of your love.  Deliver me from this darkness so that I may gladly tell of your deliverance during this time of year.  Send your angels amongst me to support and love me; even if that is of human form.  May they show understanding, compassion and a desire for every area of my life to be known.  I thank you that you are a God that hears and most of all answers when a child calls home. In Jesus' wonderful name;  Amen!

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Jackie said...

Suicide is one of those darkest places one can find themselves. It is surely a cry for help and desperation.
I've been around some people contemplating these ideals while serving in the military. It is not a pretty thing to see.
Sometimes one hug and one smile will help following up with a great deal of counseling letting that individual know he/she have purpose.